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Yoni Steam - Fertility
  • Yoni Steam - Fertility

    Includes relaxing herbs that help with skin, Increases infertility due to PCOS , Endometriosis or fibroids. Balances vaginal PH , balances hormones, gets rid of BV, Yeast Infections, menstral pain (period pains& bloating) vaginal tightening, vaginal freshness, cleansing of Vagina and uterus, Regulate menstration, PMS, Menopause, cleansing of uterus, eliminate hair bumps, cramping and more.

    Directions: (- @polishdceo’s way- ) , Boil water, add blend of steam to boiling water, until water turns tea color , pour mixture in a steam seat(see products to purchase), close toilet seat lid on to metal pot or bowl, sit with towel wrapped around bottom half of body to trap steam for 20-30 mins or until cool.

    Blend can be used 2-3 times before discarding.

    Good for 15-20 uses

    Includes herbs such as: Tumeric, Chaste tree, & Motherwort.

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