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Yoni Pearl Set

Yoni Pearl Set

Pearl Set includes 3 pack of Yoni pearls & 2 applicators.

Benefits: Detox Pearls can be used to treat your vagina if you are experiencing:
 - Abnormal vaginal discharge 
- Vaginal itching 
- Irregular menstruation and menstrual pain
 - Bacterial Vaginitis 
- Pelvic Inflammatory Disease 
- Yeast Infection 
- Ovarian cysts
 - Uterine Fibroids 
- Melasma 
- Other Gynecological diseases
Other benifits:
 - Tightens the vagina
 - Increases sex drive and fertility 
- Increases healthy moisture in the vagina
 - Detoxes past lovers
Ingredients: Refined from fructus cnidii, sophora flavescens, cortex phellodendri, bombyx batryticatus, leonurus, frankincense, myrrh, peach seed, dried alum, resina draconis, flos carthami, borneol, chrysanthemum indicum, panax notoginseng.

The applicators are easy to use for women of all ages and for those who have never used one before. The sleek body of the applicator contains no sharp edges for a comfortable insertion, and the plunger quickly yet gently administers medication. (optional) -apply a little bit of water or lubricant to the applicator to help with insertion.
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