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Womb Cleansing Yoni steam
  • Womb Cleansing Yoni steam

    Cleans womb inside and out. Tightens and refreshens, strengthens vaginal walls, increase wetness, kills bacteria, balances PH, treats vaginal, UTIs, and other bladder infections. Clears ringworms, sores and inflammation. Relieves headaches, irritability, bowel, cramping and other PMS symptoms. Decreases bloating, Relieves menopause symptoms, eliminates vaginal dryness.

    Includes herbs such as: Sage, Jasmine, Red clover & Goji berries that increases orgasms and make vagina tighter.

    Directions: (- @polishdceo’s way- ) , Boil water, add blend of steam to boiling water, until water turns tea color , pour mixture in a steam seat(see products to purchase), close toilet seat lid on to metal pot or bowl, sit with towel wrapped around bottom half of body to trap steam for 20-30 mins or until cool.

    Blend can be used 2-3 times before discarding.

    Good for 15-20 uses

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