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Succulent Vegan Eats: Dinner Edition Ebook

Succulent Vegan Eats: Dinner Edition Ebook

This is a digital cookbook of all Vegan Dinner recipes. It is beginner friendly with some Brand recommendations. Once purchased you can download directly from the Thank you page and you will also recieve a link to download the book.


This digital cookbook is 10 recipes that include:

  • Veggie rice bake

  • Baked spaghetti and garlic bread

  • Homemade mac and cheese, bbq chicken & broccoli 

  • Twice baked potato, "steak" and side salad

  • Taco crunch wrap

  • Sweet potato, asparagus & garlic butter "steak"

  • Mushroom spinach pasta

  • Stuffed bell peppers

  • Fried "fish" sandwich 

  • "Steak" Pizza

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