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No pain pad combo

No pain pad combo


1 pack of day pads

1 pack of night pads

1 Code red bar

1 - 2oz Cake mist Yoni spray

• 100% Organic Cotton Our herbal Anion pads are antibacterial sanitary napkins that has an embedded anion strip. Anion strips relieve menstrual pain, stress, prevent itch , rashes, heals Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), Fibroids, Cysts, Dysmenorrhea (Painful Mensuration). Balances PH and hormones. Anti depressant, decreases Infertility, reduces vaginal odor, Aids endometriosis problems, eliminates moisture and heat. Boost immune system.

Cake Mist is a Yoni spray that is for cleaning and freshening up everyday on the go. Perfect for after the gym.

Sometimes we can’t get to the shower to freshen up. Can be used at anytime to clean and freshen vagina.

Directions: Spray directly onto your yoni or spray on a tissue and wipe. You can also spray on your panty or panty liner to freshen up.

Can be used during cycle.

Code red is strictly formulated for that time of the month. It offers fast relief from menstrual cramps , vaginal pain, back pain, it reduces PMS symptoms like bloating, mood swings and food cravings. It also helps to balance hormone levels in the body, shortens period, calms and relaxes while keeping your PH balanced during your period.

Directions: Get a lather, wash Yoni, abdomen, butt, back and all painful areas., rinse thoroughly.

Can be used the entire cycle. Can be used on any age. Can be used all over body.

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