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Happy Clam Bar

Happy Clam Bar

Happy Clam bar is a sterilizing oatmeal soap bar to clean up after sex. Cures itching and discomfort. Has antimicrobial, antiviral,  antifungal and anti inflammatory properties, Balances PH, tightens, gets rid of “sex smell”, minimizes ingrown hairs, heals rashes, increases circulation, calms and relaxes. Aromatherapy:  Treats depression and anxiety. Soothes anger and relieves stress. Includes: Oatmeal, Lemon, Grapefruit and peppermint. *Color is just for looks and is non harmful , all natural soap colorant*Directions: lather wash cloth, with soap, wash outer labia and thigh area around vagina.•Best paired with Netflix and Chill•
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