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Cooch Shower Gel - 2oz

Cooch Shower Gel - 2oz

Travel size- 2oz 

Gentle handcrafted liquid shower gel for your vagina. 

Cooch is our Slippery Yoni Bar in a bottle! 

Balances PH, increase wetness, freshens smell, Hydrates and smoothes skin , eliminates ingrown hairs, strengthens vaginal muscles, increases libido and sexual desire, decreases vaginal dryness, prevents BV and yeast infections.

Perfect for sensitive Yoni. 

Ingredients: Herbal mixture. 

Directions: lather loofah , with soap, wash outer labia and thigh area around vagina.

Safe to use everyday.

FOR INCREASED RESULTS:  after wash add 2-3 drops of Cake Oil Yoni Oil

*Color and size may differs because herbs are fresh and soap is handcrafted*
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