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Cake Oil Yoni Oil 4oz

Cake Oil Yoni Oil 4oz

Hydrates and smoothes skin , perfect after shaving or waxing, gets rid of ingrown hairs, Balances PH, strengthen vaginal muscles, increases libido, helps with vaginal dryness, prevents BV and yeast infections. 

Directions: Drop 1-2 drops of oil on fingers and apply to vulva. Oil Can be used all over the body. Can be added to bath water for extra benefits. 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Rose, and Vitamin E. Infused with Roses, Jasmine & Red Clover flowers.

For increased results apply after Slippery Yoni Bar or Lady Cake Yoni wash. 

Can be used as personal lubricant. Best pair with MAN-ish Penis Oil.
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